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Earthquake Pallet Retention System

  • Secures pallets during a seismic event.
  • The Only system that can be easily fitted to any existing pallet racking brand
  • Easy installation – requires only three components.
  • Automatically deploys restraint drop bar when seismic activity is detected.
  • Protects human life (Employee Staff, Customers).
  • Mitigates against inventory loss / financial assets.
  • Does not impede daily operation shelf access (No other seismic restraint system compares).
  • Cost effective one time / one off cost lasts the lifetime of the pallet rack.
  • Requires no daily operating expenses.
  • Designed and manufactured in NZ.

The Vaico PRS system activates when seismic activity is detected and automatically deploys the seismic restraint drop bar on the rack.
Vaico’s Pallet Restraining System, or PRS, is the only system that
can easily be fitted to any existing pallet rack shelving size.
It’s the only restraint system that does not impede daily access to shelf stock which is huge factor for warehouse productivity and efficiency.
The innovative Vaico PRS system is a one-off cost-effective pallet rack seismic restraint that mitigates risk to human life and inventory assets. The system does not require daily operating expenses.